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NDS 12-inch Downspout Defender Grate Low Profile Kit Model 1200DSGLPKIT

Installing catch basins under downspouts is a best practice for managing stormwater and protecting property. Downspout drainage systems move water away from structures where it can do damage. The Downspout Defender makes a drainage system even more effective by capturing more water and deflecting debris to keep the system running clean.


  • NDS 1200DSG 12" Downspout Defender Grate
  • NDS 1230 12" Low Profile Adapter
  • NDS 1243 3" & 4" Universal Outlet (Fits 3" & 4" Corrugated pipe, 3" & 4" Sewer and Drain Pipe)

Product Details

Part number 1200DSGLPKIT
Low Profile Adapter saves space.
Self-cleaning grate deflects debris before it enters the system
Sheds leaves, needles, twigs, nuts, and seeds
Prevents system clogs downstream
Protect property & structures with a downspout drainage system
Eliminates standing water
Moves water away from the foundation where it can do the most damage
Patent-Pending design captures more water than standard grates
Eliminates splashing back onto building walls
Captures water that overshoots traditional flat grates
Innovative new grate solution sets a higher standard for downspout drainage.
More effective and efficient than anything else on the market

    General Information:

    Material:  HDPE
    Product type:  Grates
    Length:  12"
    Width:  11-3/4"
    Height:  9" (installed 7-3/4")
    Color:  Black


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    Technical Information

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