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This Rope Bag has a drawstring closure along with a rapid nylon clip to secure the storage compartment. The PVC construction of this bag features a reinforced bottom with perforations for maximum breathability. Can store rope up to 200m of 11mm rope in its 43 liters capacity storage compartment. It has a transparent pocket for name plate label and an interior pocket with zip closure for keeping small tools. Equipped with padded shoulder straps and angled closure flap.

  • Backpack for carrying ropes and equipment with comfortable padded shoulder straps and hook for suspension.
  • Angled closing flap with ring for the suspension which ensure a comfortable access to the contents of the bag.
  • Drawstring closure and rapid clip made of ultra-durable nylon.
  • Transparent side pocket for name plate label.
  • Interior pocket with zip for storing small tools.
  • Made of extremely durable PVC; reinforced bottom with slotted holes for breathability and handle for the emptying.
  • Color is black.