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Rotary 16293 Carburetor Rebuild Kit replaces Zama RB-105 for Stihl

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Carburetor Rebuild Kit replaces Zama RB-105. Fits Stihl saws using the following carburetors C1Q-S75, C1Q-S75A, C1Q-S76, C1Q-S76A, C1Q-S76B, C1Q-S77, C1Q-S77A, C1Q-S77B, C1Q-S84, C1Q-S84A, C1Q-S84B, C1Q-S84C, C1Q-S85, C1Q-S85A, C1Q-S85B, C1Q-85C, C1Q-S86, C1Q-S86A, C1Q-S86B, C1Q-S86C, C1Q-S87, C1Q-S87A, C1Q-S87B, C1Q-S87C, C1Q-S89, C1Q-S89, C1Q-S89A, C1Q-S89B, C1Q-S89C, C1Q-S90, C1Q-S90A, C1Q-S90B, C1Q-S91, C1Q-S91A, C1Q-S92, C1Q-S92A, C1Q-S102, C1Q-S102A, C1Q-S106, C1Q-S106A, C1Q-S107, C1Q-S107A.

  • ZAMA RB-105
  • CASE QTY: 500
  • PALLET QTY: 72