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Channel Drain Systems....Pools, Spas and Patios

Micro Channel Drains

Micro Channel DrainsDesigned for residential applications including swimming pools, spas, and patios. Unique design features grate openings parallel to channel length and recessed grate for strength and effective runoff capture.

  • System components are chemically-resistant, rust proof and feature UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking from the sun
  • Connects easily to sewer and drain pipe and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings
  • Durable polyolefin parts are lightweight and easy to install
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Channel Width
Grate Options
Fixed Grate
Max. Flow Rate
3.06 GPM
Max. Load Rate
Class A

Mini Channel

Mini ChannelMini Channel Drain acts as a perimeter drain, quickly removing water from hardscapes and directing it away from building structures. It is ideal for residential or non-residential applications that anticipate moderate amounts of drainage water.

  • Component parts snap together easily for a speedy installation
  • Durable polyolefin parts are lightweight and easy to install
  • System components are chemically resistant and rust proof


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