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Friendly and family felt business. Great prices and very knowledgeable. Stop by and shop or miss out on the great deals!

Kenneth Blash

Great customer service. Just tell them what you need or if you don't know what you need they will tell you . . .


Eexcellent customer service! I went in to look and see what shade plants were available, and an employee wrote out a great list.

Jacob Klinger

WOW!!! I learned so much about how to get rid of bugs on my plants! Mark was so friendly and funny but most of all knowledge. This was my first time in only because I thought it was for professional landscapers only. I have had a problem with 2 of my bushes for a couple of years now and he know how to treat and get rid of the armadillos in my yard too!! Thank you so much for your help. I will be back for plants next time!!

Cathy Rape

As Technical manager for Pactiv LLC in Conyers, we depend on speedy response for all services including emergency irrigation supply and grounds maintenance items. Master delivered our emergency materials and manually unloaded on the site for contractors to install before the storm hit! We appreciate their help preventing environmental problems due to drainage problems!

Don Weaver

Everytime I shop at Masters, they are friendly and very knowledgeable on their merchandise. I highly recommend them to everyone I know. They are the best! Thanks to Mark and Tim and the rest of their employees!!

Billy Elder

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