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Long Leaf Pinestraw Bales

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Long Leaf Pine Straw is the best type of pine straw. It comes from the southern longleaf pine tree. The needles are much longer (14-16 inches), much brighter in color (orange instead of brown), and the needles contain more resin. The result is a pine straw mulch that holds its color 5 times longer than other types, a fluffier appearance that "tucks" better, and a resin content that significantly reduces decomposition. Needless to say, we always use long leaf pine straw needles in our gardens!

  • Affordable. Sustainable. Conserves water. Conserves fertilizer. Fights weeds. Protects plants against cold. 
  • Priced per bale
  • COVERS 50-60 SQFT on bare dirt
  • COVERS 70-80 SQFT fresh up