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NDS 253CI - Spee-D Wave Decorative Grate, Cast Iron

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The NDS Spee-D Channel Grate, Decorative Wave Cast Iron is part of the NDS Spee-D drainage system. As a proven alternative to traditional concrete drains, NDS grates feature UV inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking from the sun. Channel drains have a unique patented flying buttress design that provides load-bearing support from both sides as well as underneath. Spee-D Channel Drains are ideal for driveways, large decks, and commercial areas. Adequate in everything from patios to light vehicular traffic areas. These chemical-resistant and rustproof grates are maintenance-free, lightweight, and easy to install.

  • Length 24"
  • Width 4.42"
  • Open Surface Area 15.56" Squared
  • Gallons Per Minute 47.60 GPM with 1/2" of head
    • Raw Cast Iron Grate
    • Open Surface Area: 17.89 Sq. Inch per Ft.
    • UV Inhibitors
    • ADA Compliant

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