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NDS Dura Slope Trench Drains

Dura Slope Channel Drain – Pre-sloped channel drain is an effective solution for driveways, sports facilities, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks and pools.

Versatile and Durable - For residential, commercial industrial and municipal drainage needs, NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain handles large capacity volumes and solutions up to a class D load rating.

Lightweight and Easy to Install - Made from HDPE, Dura Slope is a plastic channel drain that features interlocking tongue and groove joints to secure alignment and ensure straight channel runs. Lightweight, 4 ft. modular sections are easy to manage.

Interlocking tongue & groove Joints
4 ft. modular sections.

Solutions for Any Size - Available in neutral and pre-sloped sections with a built-in 0.07% slope, Dura Slope Trench Drain systems offer numerous grating options. Dura Slope channel sections are available in depths from 4” to 12”.

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    NDS 662 - Dura Slope Channel Grate, Green

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    Dura Slope Green 2 ft. Structural Foam Polyolefin Secured Channel Grate Use with Dura Slope Drains, Dura Slope Catch Basins. (ADA Compliant)(24"Lx ...

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