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Cannon Pro Fish Pond Fertilizer 25 lb.

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Pond Pro 10-52-4 is a 100% water-soluble fish pond fertilizer formulated from the highest quality water soluble materials. Pond Pro quickly dissolves in water preventing the nutrients from getting tied up in mud bottoms. Pond Pro provides nutrients that stimulate the growth of plankton, the base of the food chain in ponds. Boost your ponds entire food chain with Pond Pro. It can also increase your pond's fish production and fish size as well as control aquatic weed problems. Infertile ponds seldom produce more than 100 pounds of fish per acre, well managed fertilized ponds can maintain 300 to 400 pounds of fish per acre.

Contains the micronutrients: Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Molybdenum (Mo), Iron (Fe), and Manganese (Mn) that are crucial for fish growth.

Product Features:

  • Increase pond's fish production
  • Maintain a desirable plankton bloom
  • Help controls aquatic weeds
  • Apply 4 pounds per surface acre
  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Total Nitrogen (N) - 10%
  • Available Phosphate (P205) - 52%
  • Water Soluble Potash (K20) - 4%
  • Total Available Primary Plant Food - 66%
  • Primary plant foods derived from Potassium Nitrate and Ammonium Phosphates

Directions for General Application:

Apply at a rate of 4 pounds per surface acre of water. Begin application in late February - early March, when water temps stabilize above 60° F.

At two week intervals, make applications for the next month

Then once every three weeks for nine weeks, or until water visibility is less than 18 inches.

Applications may be made monthly until the end of October, or when water temps drop below 60° F.

Water hardness and Ph are key factors when using any pond fertilizer product. For best results - use Pond Pro as a part of a well-balanced management program.

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