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Acer r Red Maple #7

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Acer r Red Maple #7
The red maple is commonly found in the woods of Eastern North America and is easily recognizable in the fall due to its bright red and yellow leaves. This tree also has red flowers, fruit, and seeds. This tree can be found in a variety of habitats, including swamps, mixed forest ecosystems, and rocky uplands. The tree also does well in lawns, parks, and along streets. The red maple attracts game and small mammals, insect pollinators, and songbirds.

Characteristics: The 2-5 inch long leaves are dark green, have 3-5 irregularly toothed lobes, and have red petioles. In the fall, leaves turn a bright red or sometimes yellow. In the spring, red flowers begin to bloom. Young trees have smooth gray bark. As the tree matures, bark becomes dark gray and develops scaly plates. The red maple produces red samaras (paired winged seeds). This tree has a pyramidal or elliptical shape when young and matures to be oval, rounded, or irregular. It grows 40-70 feet high and 30-50 feet wide.

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Sondra Weaver

Beautiful and healthy plant.

Thank you for your kind words about our VIBURNUM Sterile #3! We are so happy to hear that you find it beautiful and healthy. We take great care in providing high-quality plants to our customers. Happy gardening!

Sondra Weaver

My new Hibiscus is very healthy and I love the color.

Hi Sondra, thank you for leaving a review for our HIBISCUS Raspberry Smoothie #3! We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying the product and that your hibiscus is healthy and vibrant in color. It's great to know that you're satisfied with your purchase. Have a wonderful day!


Communication was awesome, and the roses are beautiful! Well worth the trip!

Dial Mill Landscapes , Billy Elder
Big Blue Liriope

Great product

Brothers Pool | Gerson Funes

Friendly and helpful staff.