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Rotary 8805 Belt Engine/Blade 5/8X87.92 Exmark

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Engine to Blade Belt for Exmark 48" Cut Metro Units. Raw Edge, *Aramid Fiber.


  • EXMARK 1-323300, 1-543224, 103-2240, 323300, 543224


  • Exmark FMD-52, FMD-60, FMD524, FMD604, M32-12.5K-5, M32-12.5KO-5, M32-8.5B-5, M3211B, M3213KA, M3213KC, M329B, M36-12.5K-5, M36-12.5KO-5, M36-14K-5, M36-14KO-5, M3613KA, M3613KC, M3614KA, M3615KC, M48-12.5K-5, M48-12.5KO-5, M48-14K-5, M48-14KO-5, M48-16BV-5, M4814KA, M4815KC, M52-14K-5, M52-14KO-5, M52-16BV-5, M5214KA, M5215KC, TR-18BV, TR-18KC, TR-20KC, TT20KC, TT20KCC, TT20KCE, TT23KAC, TT23KAE, TT23KAE ECS, TT23KCC, TT23KCE, TT23KCE ECS, TT24KAE, TTX20KCE, TTX21EKCE, TTX24KAE, TTX24KAECA, TTX24PKAE, TTX640KCE, TTX650EKCE, TTX650EKCE524, TTX650EKCE604, TTX650EKCE604N, TTX680PKCE524, TTX691KAE, TTX691KAE524, TTX691KAECA, TTX691PKAE


  • LENGTH: 87-15/16"
  • WIDTH: 5/8"