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Copperhead 11480 Standard Lift Mower Blade For 50" Cut Cub Cadet 742-04053A

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Tested for maximum performance, Copperhead blades are engineered to meet or exceed all OEM standards for operation and are ISO-certified for quality, durability and superior craftsmanship. All Copperhead blades are manufactured in the USA,

Blade replaces Cub Cadet 742-04053A. Fits RZT Series Tractors. Model RZT50. 50" Cut. Requires 3 for 50" Cut.

  • CUB CADET: 742-04053A, 742-04053B, 742-04053C, 742-04056, 742-04056A, 742-04056B, 742-04056C, 942-04053A, 942-04053B, 942-04053C, 942-04056, 942-04056A, 942-04056C
  • TORO: 112-0316
  • WINDSOR: 50-2138

Fits Models

  • CUB CADET: RZT50, RZT50, 13AF91AP010, 13AF91AP010, 13AP11CP709, 13AP11CP710, 13AP11CP756, 13AP91AP010, 13AP91AP056, 13AQ11BP010, 13AQ11BP710, 13AQ11BP756, 13AQ11CP009, 13AQ11CP010, 13AQ11CP056, 13AQ11CP256, 13AQ11CP709, 13AQ11CP710, 13AQ11CP712, 13AQ91AP010, 13AQ92AP
  • MTD: Garden tractors with 50" deeps, RZT-50, 13AA625P004, 13AA625P004, 13AA625P304, 13AA625P372, 13AA625P719, 13AA925P004, 13AP615P755, 13AP925P004, 13AR91PP099, 13AR91PP099, 13AU615P755, 17AC2ACG055, 17AE2ACG004, 17AF2ACP001, 17AF2ACP004, 17AF2ACP004, 19A70000
  • TORO: GT2100, GT2200, LX500, SL500
  • LENGTH: 17-29/32"
  • WIDTH: 2-1/2"
  • C. H. DIA: 6 point star
  • THICKNESS: 0.1580"
  • CASE QTY: 2000