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A year round color factory, 'Natchez' is perhaps the most colorful, attractive and tallest growing of all Crape Myrtle trees. For up to 120 days of summer this magnificent tree produces large 12 to 16-inch long clusters of pure white flowers at the ends of long, arching branches that form a wide, umbrella-shape canopy. The large, dark green leaves provide a nice backdrop for the flowers and turn to colorful shades of yellow during the fall. But perhaps one of the most unique and outstanding characteristic is the cinnamon-red bark that provides captivating interest in the landscape during the winter months. What's more, Natchez is a totally mildew resistant Fauriei Hybrid.

Plant Type:  Deciduous Flowering Tree, Fauriei Hybrid
Height at Maturity:  20-30'
Width at Maturity: 15-20'
Spacing:  15-20'
Growth Habit / Form:  Upright, Broad Canopy, Rounded Canopy, Arching
Growth Rate:  Fast

Flower Color:  White
Flowering Period:  Mid-Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall
Flower Type:  Single flowers in large rounded to elongated clusters
Fragrant Flowers:  No
Foliage Color:  Dark Green
Fall Foliage Color:  Reddish Purple
Fragrant Foliage:  No
Bark Color:  Cinnamon-Red

Sun Needs:  Full Sun or Mostly Sun
Water Needs:  Average, low when established
Soil Type:  Clay, Loam, Sand, Silt 
Soil Drainage:  Well Drained
Soil pH:  5.0 - 6.5

Maintenance / Care:  Low
Attracts:  Visual Attention
Resistances:  Deer, Disease, Moderate Drought, Heat