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DekoRRA Model 104 Mock Rock

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Color: FS- Fieldstone

Model 104 Mock Rock - Artificial Rock 

Dimensions: 60"L × 48"W × 41"H

Common Uses
Well Pressure Tank Assembly
20 Gal. tank: 32"H x 16" diameter + room for wellhead
40 Gal. tank: 36"H x 22" diameter + room for wellhead
Utility Box - 28"H x 38"L x 32"W
Holding Tank Lid - 28"H x 34" diameter
Irrigation Valve (Backflow Device)
32"H x 41"L x 4" pipe width

Additional Options:

  • Class I Freeze protection. DekoRRa Rock Enclosures Class I and I-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of R-8 and a positive means of heat. DekoRRa Rock Enclosures have been designed and constructed to maintain a minimum internal temp. of 40®F.
  • Class II Freeze retardant. DekoRRa Rock Enclosures Class II and II-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of R-8. DekoRRa Rock Enclosures have been designed and constructed to be installed in minimum external temperatures of 33®F.
  • Class III Non Freeze protection. DekoRRa Rock Enclosures Class III and III-V are designed and constructed to provide system security for components when freezing temperatures are not a consideration.
DekoRRA Mock Rock™ artificial rocks made with RealRock™. A realistic and variegated rock-like surface —Made in the USA from recyclable materials.
With RealRock™, you achieve incredibly realistic aesthetics and unmatched longevity in virtually any climate. Our patented flange design secures the enclosure to the ground. Heavy-duty stakes are included with each model.
Sturdy reinforced edge around the bottom adds weight and strength our competitors don't offer. Withstands 100 lbs per square foot!

Specification Sheet (pdf) 
Usable Interior Dimensions

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