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Rotary 12786 Air Filter replaces Kawasaki 11013-7038

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Kawasaki 11013-7038 Air Filter. (Outer Filter) For models FX751V, FX801V, FX850V, FX921V and FX1000V Used with Rotary 12787 inner filter.


  • HUSTLER 601652
  • KAWASAKI 11013-7038, 11013-7044


KAWASKI 204 MODELS, 261 MODELS, FD671D-AS03, FD731V-AS00, FD731V-AS01, FD731V-AS03, FD731V-AS04, FD731V-AS05, FD731V-AS06, FD731V-AS08, FD731V-AS09, FD731V-BS00, FD731V-BS01, FD731V-BS03, FD731V-BS04, FD731V-BS05, FD731V-CS00, FD731V-CS01, FD731V-CS03, FD731V-CS04, FD731V-CS05, FD731V-DS00, FD731V-DS01, FD731V-DS04, FD731V-DS05, FD731V-ES00, FD731V-ES01, FD731V-ES04, FD731V-ES05, FD731V-FS00, FD731V-GS00, FD731V-HS00, FD750D-AS06, FD750D-AS08, FD750D-AS11, FD750D-BS06, FD750D-BS08, FD750D-CS06, FD750D-CS08, FD750D-DS06, FD750D-DS08, FD750D-ES06, FD750D-ES08, FD750D-FS06, FD750D-FS08, FD791D-AS01, FD791D-AS04, FD791D-AS05, FD791D-BS04, FD791D-BS05, FD791D-CS01, FD791D-CS04, FD791D-CS05, FD791D-DS01, FD791D-DS04, FD791D-ES01, FD791D-ES04, FD791D-FS01, FD791D-FS04, FD791D-GS01, FD791D-GS04, FD851D-AS00, FD851D-BS00, FH601V-AS23, FH601V-AS24, FH601V-AS25, FH601V-AS26, FH601V-AS27, FH601V-AS29, FH601V-AS33, FH601V-BS20, FH601V-BS23, FH601V-BS24, FH601V-BS25, FH601V-BS26, FH601V-BS27, FH601V-BS29, FH601V-BS31, FH601V-BS33, FH601V-CS20, FH601V-CS23, FH601V-CS24, FH601V-CS27, FH601V-CS29, FH601V-DS20, FH601V-DS23, FH601V-DS24, FH601V-DS26, FH601V-DS27, FH601V-DS29, FH601V-ES20, FH601V-ES25, FH601V-ES26, FH601V-ES29, FH601V-FS29, FH641V-AS17, FH641V-AS19, FH641V-AS21, FH641V-AS23, FH641V-AS24, FH641V-AS25, FH641V-AS26, FH641V-AS27, FH641V-AS28, FH641V-AS33, FH641V-BS17, FH641V-BS19, FH641V-BS21, FX651V-AS00, FX651V-AS04, FX651V-AS05, FX651V-AS06, FX651V-AS07, FX651V-AS08, FX651V-AS09, FX651V-AS10, FX651V-AS11, FX651V-AS12, FX651V-BS00, FX651V-BS05, FX651V-BS07, FX651V-BS08, FX651V-BS09, FX651V-BS10, FX651V-CS05, FX651V-CS07, FX651V-CS08, FX651V-CS09, FX651V-CS10, FX651V-DS07, FX651V-DS09, FX691V-AS00, FX691V-AS04, FX691V-AS05, FX691V-AS06, FX691V-AS07, FX691V-AS08, FX691V-AS09, FX691V-AS10, FX691V-AS11, FX691V-AS12, FX691V-AS13, FX691V-AS14, FX691V-AS17, FX691V-AS18, FX691V-AS20, FX691V-AS21, FX691V-AS22, FX691V-BS00, FX691V-BS04, FX691V-BS06, FX691V-BS08, FX691V-BS10, FX691V-BS11, FX691V-BS12, FX691V-BS13, FX691V-BS14, FX691V-BS17, FX691V-BS18, FX691V-CS00, FX691V-CS04, FX691V-CS06, FX691V-CS10, FX691V-CS11, FX691V-CS12, FX691V-CS13, FX691V-CS14, FX691V-CS17, FX691V-CS18, FX691V-DS00, FX691V-DS04, FX691V-DS10, FX691V-DS11, FX691V-DS12, FX691V-DS13, FX730V-AS00, FX730V-AS04, FX730V-AS05, FX730V-AS06, FX730V-AS07, FX730V-AS08, FX730V-AS09, FX730V-AS10, FX730V-AS11, FX730V-AS12, FX730V-AS13, FX730V-AS14, FX730V-AS15, FX730V-AS16, FX730V-AS17, FX730V-AS18, FX730V-AS19, FX730V-AS21, FX730V-AS22, FX730V-AS24, FX730V-BS00, FX730V-BS04, FX730V-BS05, FX730V-BS06, FX730V-BS07, FX730V-BS08, FX730V-BS09, FX751V-AS00, FX751V-AS05, FX751V-AS06, FX751V-AS07, FX751V-AS08, FX801V-AS00, FX801V-AS05, FX801V-AS08, FX801V-BS05, FX850V-AS00, FX850V-AS05, FX850V-AS07, FX850V-AS08, FX850V-AS09, FX850V-BS08, FX921V-AS00, FX921V-AS04, FX921V-AS06, FX921V-BS00, FXT00V-AS00, FXT00V-AS01, FXT00V-AS04, FXT00V-AS05, FXT00V-AS06, FXT00V-BS00, FXT00V-BS01, FXT00V-BS04, FXT00V-BS05, FXT00V-CS04, FXT00V-CS05


  • ID: 3-1/8"
  • OD: 4-1/8"
  • HEIGHT: 10-3/4"