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KING 900 Advanced Digital Cable, Wire & Valve Locating System

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KING 900
Advanced Digital Cable, Wire & Valve Locating System

• Tracks metallic cabling and buried AC power lines CATV, electrical, telephone, sprinkler or lighting wire
• Inductive mode capability: inductive clamp and inductive antenna modes
• Dual direct connect frequencies (2kHz, 33kHz) and adjustable power for a variety of locating applications
• Passive 50-60Hz AC Tracking
• Choose between null or peak tracing modes
• AC noise rejection system for improved accuracy

• Direct Connect (LO-F) 2 kHz
• Direct Connect (HI-F) 33 kHz
• Wireless (BCST or Clamp) 175 kHz
• Passive AC 50/60 Hz
• Clamp Interior Diameter: 3.5 inches (85mm)
• Direct Connect Signal Output: 900V peak with no load 1W maximum
• Audio Output: Headseat and loudspeaker
• Power Source:
     Transmitter – Eight (8) D cell (LR20) alkaline* or NiMH* or External 120VAC Powering
     Receiver – One (1) 9V (6LR61)*
• Both audible (external speaker or headset) and visual indicators
• Sealed controls and display for durability and reliability
• Extended range for largest irrigation systems
• Determine wire depth using the triangulation method


KING 900 Specification Sheet

KING 900 Owner's Manual