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NDS 1891 - 18" Square Atrium Grate, Green

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18" Square Atrium Grate

Atrium grates are ideal for planter beds, mulch areas, window wells, and areas prone to debris collection. This grate helps to collect and remove excess water from driveways, patios and any other outdoor areas, designed for maximum durability to handle light foot traffic. NDS grates are a proven alternative to traditional concrete drains with UV inhibitors are used to prevent fading and cracking from the sun, chemical-resistant, rustproof and maintenance-free, lightweight and easy to install. NDS has a full line of drainage products, fittings and accessories available.

Color: Green
Structural Foam Polyolefin Dome Atrium Grate with UV inhibitor.
Open surface area approx 89.40 square inches. 273 GPM.
Fits 18x18 Catch Basins

Material Polypropylene
Color Green
Length 16.81
Width 16.81 in.
Height 6"
Weight 6.5100
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Technical Information

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