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Item#: 16110345
Invoice Desc: PVC PRESSURE PIPE 2"x 20'
P34022 PR160 Bell End (152074)

Pipe produced to a Standard Dimensional Ration (SDR) has a wall thickness that is proportional to its diameter and all sizes have the same pressure rating; the pressure rating for Schedule pipe decreases as the diameter increases.

  • Pressure Rating at 73-degrees - 160 PSI
  • PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings are used in outside cold water pressure applications.
  • Pipe diameters are the same as iron pipe . ("IPS" = "Iron Pipe Size")
  • Solvent weld joints.
  • Pressure pipe and fittings are for use in the distribution of pressurized fluids only, which are chemically compatible with the piping materials.
  • SDR pipe meets ASTM D2241