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PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings are used in outside cold water pressure applications. Schedule 40 is used in applications, such as irrigation, underground residential sprinkler systems, water service pipe, deionized water lines, swimming pool installations, and some chemical drainage systems.

  • Pressure Rating at 73-degrees - 280 PSI
  • Pipe diameters are the same as iron pipe . ("IPS" = "Iron Pipe Size")
  • Solvent weld joints.
  • Pressure pipe and fittings are for use in the distribution of pressurized fluids only, which are chemically compatible with the piping materials.
  • Sch 40 PVC pipe meets ASTM D1785
  • Sch 40 PVC Pipe 1-1/2" and larger is dual rated for pressure (ASTM 1785) and drainage (ASTM 2665) applications.
  • Belled pipe ends meet ASTM D2672 (Pipe measures 20' before belling)
  • NSF Listed (except class rated pipe)
  • When solid wall or cellular core pipe is used with PVC DWV fittings, the resulting system is NOT pressure rated.
  • 2800 ft/pallet