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Quali-Pro Negate 37EG Herbicide 1.5 oz

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83012910 Quali-Pro Negate 37EG Herbicide 1.5 oz

Unique dual powered post-emergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for grassy and tough broadleaf weed control in established warm season turfgrass. Sulfonylurea herbicides are effective at rates 1-5% of other herbicides.. . Use Sites: Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Sports Fields, Industrial, Commercial Lawns. . Effective Against: poa annua, poa trivalis, ryegrass, bentgrass, clovers, dandelion, henbit, chickweed, wild onion & wild garlic, spurge

Recommended For: Bahiagrass; Bentgrass; Bermudagrass; Foxtail; Ryegrass; Zoysia Grass

Product Label

  • Primary Usage: Controls Annual Grass, Broadleaf Weed, Perennial Grass
  • Application Method: Spray
  • Use Instructions: Fill the tank 1/4 to 1/3 full of water. While agitating, add the required amount of NEGATE 37WG. Continue agitation until the NEGATE 37WG is fully dispersed, at least 5 minutes. Once the NEGATE 37WG is fully dispersed, maintain agitation and continue filling tank with water. NEGATE 37WG should be thoroughly mixed with water before adding any other material. As the tank is filling, add tank mix partners (if desired) then add the necessary volume of non-ionic surfactant. Always add surfactant last. If the mixture is not continuously agitated, settling will occur. If settling occurs, thoroughly re-agitate before using. NEGATE 37WG spray preparations are stable if they are pH neutral or alkaline and stored at or below 100 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in original container.