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Quercus Shumard Oak 2 in

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Quercus Shumard Oak 2 in

Growing 80 feet tall with a 50 to 60-foot spread,
Shumard Oak forms a large, stately tree with a narrow,
rather open, rounded canopy, somewhat reminiscent of
Red Oak (Fig. 1). The crown spreads with age
becoming round at maturity. The four to eight-inchlong deciduous leaves are deeply-lobed (more so than
Quercus rubra) and have bristles on the tips of some
lobes. A lovely dark green during most of the year,
Shumard Oak puts on a vivid display of brilliant red to
red-orange fall and winter foliage, providing a
dramatic landscape statement. Fall and winter
coloration varies from year to year in USDA hardiness
zones 8 and 9. During the winter the bare tree
provides interesting branching patterns. The 1.5-inchwide acorns are surrounded by a shallow, enclosing
cup and are popular with wildlife.

Height: 55 to 80 feet
Spread: 40 to 50 feet
Crown uniformity: irregular outline or silhouette
Crown shape: oval; round
Crown density: open