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Rotary 10041 HD Aramid Exmark Deck Belt for 72" Cut replaces 1-643052, 109-0776, 643052

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BELT DECK 5/8"X 169.46" EXMARK

Item #10041

Deck Belt. Replaces Exmark 643052. 5/8" (15.88 MM) X 169.46" (4304 MM). Deck Belt.  Fits 72" on Lazer Z, XP Series and standard Lazer Z series *Aramid Fiber.


  • EXMARK: 1-643052, 109-0776, 643052

Fits Models

  • FR524, FR604, FR724, LAS25KC604, LAS25KC604N, LAS28KA524, LAS28KA604, LAS28KA724, LAS28KA724N, LXS25KD605, LXS25KD665, LXS25KD725, LXS29LKA605, LXS29LKA665, LXS29LKA725, LXS31BV605, LXS31BV665, LXS35BV605, LXS35BV665, LXS35BV725, LXSKD725, LXSLKA605, LXSLKA665, LXSLKA725, LZ18KC523, LZ20KC524, LZ22KC523, LZ22KC604, LZ22LKA523, LZ22LKA604, LZ23KA604, LZ23KC523, LZ23KC604, LZ23KC605, LZ23LKA604, LZ25KA604, LZ25KC523, LZ25KC524, LZ25KC604, LZ25KC724, LZ26KC604, LZ26KC665, LZ26KC724, LZ27DD604, LZ27DD724, LZ27KC524, LZ27KC604, LZ27KC605, LZ27KC665, LZ27KC724, LZ27LKA604, LZ27LKA724, LZ28KA605, LZ28KC604, LZ28KC605, LZ28KC665, LZ28KC724, LZ30KC605, LZ30KC665, LZ30KC725, LZ31BV604, LZ31BV605, LZ31BV665, LZ31BV724, LZ31BV725, LZ31DG604, LZ31DG724, LZD25KD725, LZDS902K725, LZS902DKU725A1

Dimensions and Specifications

  • LENGTH 169-15/32"
  • WIDTH 5/8"