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Soil Moist Transplant Plus 3 oz Pack

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Soil Moist Transplant Formula is specially created to protect plants, shrubs, and trees during planting time. It is formulated with different blends of 12 species of fungi, both ecto- and endo-mycorrhizal, to help improve the soil and plant ecosystem, as well as boost growth and establishment. It also contains water storing polymers to effectively reduce water maintenance and transplant stress. This product comes in 3 oz. bag that can treat 1-inch caliper tree.

The mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant roots and extend far into the soil resource. The fungi improves the ability of the plants to utilize the soil resources. The fungi increases water and nutrient uptake by providing a larger root mass. The improvement in the plant / soil ecosystem increases plant establishment.

Transplant Plus contains a 8-9 month timed release 3-3-3 fertilizer.

Soil Moist ™ water storing polymers are included in the formulation to reduce transplant stress and water maintenance while increasing the establishment of newly planted stock.


- Improves soil and plant ecosystem - Increases nutrient and water uptake
- Increases plant establishment and growth - Improves soil structure and porosity
- Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss - Reduces fertilizer use


Soil Moist Transplant Plus is effective on all types of trees, shrubs and plants with the exception of Laurels, Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

  • Transplant Plus also contains a 3-3-3, 8-9 month fertilizer
  • Increases plant establishment
  • Reduces plant waterings
  • Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss
  • Improves soil and plant ecosystem
  • Increases nutrient and water uptake
  • 3 oz. pack treats 1" Caliper Tree
  • Order 24 for case

Soil Moist Transplant Formula Information Sheet (pdf)
Soil Moist Transplant Plus SDS


Each three ounce package contains a minimum of 1080 viable propagules from seven species of endomycorrhizal fungi and a minimum of 110 million viable propagules from seven species of ectomycorrhizal fungi. In addition to Soil Moist water storing polymer granules, the formulation contains a highly diverse and effective biostimulant formulation which includes:
• Sea kelp extract Ecklonia Maxima and Leondardite humates
• Five strains of Trichoderma fungi that produce natural growth hormones.
• Minimum of 937 million colony forming units from 50 strains of bacteria which include 15 strains of Bacillus, 5 strains of Psuedomonas and 10 strains of Streptomycetes. These bacteria promote root growth and formulation.
• Folic and fulvic acid to enhance plant growth, biotin, natural sugars and vitamins B, B1, B2, B3 and B12 to promote plant growth and establishment.