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Stens Shield CJ-4 Engine Oil SAE 10W-30, 1 gallon bottle

  • Antioxidants to prevent rust and corrosion even in the most extreme temperatures
  • Cold weather formula offers superior performance across a broad operating temperature range
  • Dispersants minimize soot and prevent varnish and sludge build up
  • Four 1 gallon bottles per case
  • High quality, multi-grade synthetic blend formula suitable for diesel and gasoline engines requiring CJ-4 oil
  • Meets API CK-4/CJ-4/CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4 requirements for diesel and API SN/SM/S gasoline engine oil specifications
  • Premium additives prevent rust, corrosion and the build up of sludge
  • Zinc boosters reduce engine wear to extend engine life

Oil Weight SAE 10W-30
1 Gallon Bottle