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Highly effective and easily affordable, the Trophy Rock® Apple Bomb Fortified Long-Range Deer Attractant gathers deer to your property for a better chance of lining up with a monster buck this season. Simply select a site and evenly spread Apple Bomb on the ground and its incredibly effective, long-range scent will call deer in from miles around. Its highly palatable protein ingredients, vitamins, and minerals act as a healthy deer feed supplement. Trophy Rock Apple Bomb Fortified Long-Range Deer Attractant can also be used in gravity and spin-cast feeders. And it works well mixed 50/50 with corn feed. 20-lb. bag.

  • Long-range scent calls deer in from miles around
  • Highly effective and easily affordable
  • Highly palatable protein ingredients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Works in gravity and spin-cast feeders
  • Works alongside corn feed