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Chainsaw Chain - How to Measure Pitch

The pitch of the chain is the distance between the drive links. To determine the pitch you simply measure the distance from one rivet on the drive link to the same rivet on the adjacent drive link. As shown below (fig.a) you measure the distance between three rivets and divide by two. That will give the pitch.

Example: If the distance between rivet 1 and rivet 2 is 3/4". Divided 3/4" by 2 = 3/8"

Rotary has four different pitches of chain: 1/4, 3/8 Low Profile, 3/8, .325. The difference between 3/8 Low Profile and 3/8 Standard is simply the cutters. The drive links and straps are all larger, but the distance between rivets are the same.

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