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New Springs added for 2022

  Item #14102

Extension Spring replaces Exmark 103-7398. Fits Metro HP and Turf Tracer machines.

Item #14105

Extension Spring for deck drive replaces Husqvarna 532196105. Fits models LT2227A2, LT2323A2, PB22H48YT, PB22H54YT, PB24H48YT, PB24H54YT, PBGT22H48, SOGT22H48 and more.

Item #14030

Extension Spring replaces Exmark 1-603413. Fits Exmark Lazer Z, Turf Ranger, Turf Tracer 5 speed.

Item #14135

Deck Belt Spring replaces Husqvarna 596989801, old number 539120920. Fits Husqvarna Z, RZ and LSZ series machines. Fits Poulan 541ZX and 460ZX. Fits Jonsered models Z56R and Z54R.

Item #14021

Extension Spring replaces Exmark 1-603402. Fits Exmark Lazer Z AC, Lazer Z AS, Lazer Z LC, Metro 5 speed, Metro HP and Quest. Fits Toro Titan Z, ZX and MX series mowers.

Item #14590

Return Spring replaces Husqvarna 532401971. Fits Husqvarna, Poulan models YT1942T, YTH2042, YTA18542, LT152, XT195H42LT, PB20H42LT, PB22H42YT, YTH22V42 and others. Fits Jonsered models LT2216, LT2217, LT2223 and others.

Item #16496

Deck Belt Extension Spring replaces Exmark 1-603414. Fits models FMD524, FMD604, Lazer Z XP, Lazer Z HP, Phazer, Turf Ranger, Turf Tracer and more.

Item #15013

Drive Belt Tensioner Spring replaces Exmark 116-6316. Fits models LZDS902K605, LZDS902K725, LZDS902DKU605A1, TTS481GKA48300, TTS541CKA48300, TTS600GKA523E0, TTX650EKC52400, TTX680PKC60400, TTX691GKA52400 and more.

Item #14644

Deck Spring replaces Husqvarna 532401872. Used on Husqvarna, Poulan and Jonsered. Fits Husqvarna models LT2317CMA, LZ11577, P11577, LT2216, LT2213 and others. Fits Poulan models PB22H46YT, PB19546YT, PB30, PXT12530 and others. Fits Jonsered models LT2213, LT2216, LT2217, LT2320 and others.

tem #14797

Left-hand Deck Idler Spring replaces Scag 483246. Fits Cheetah 48", 52", 61", 72" cut, Cheetah II 61", 72" cut, Tiger Cub 48", 52", 61" cut. Tiger Cat 48", 52", 51" cut. Wild Cat 48", 52", 61" cut.

Item #15264

Pump Belt Tensioner Spring replaces Scag 483088. Fits models SMST-72A, SMT-52A, SMT-52V, SMT-61A, SMT-61V, SMT-72V, SMT-72VS, STT-28CAT, STT-29DFI-SS, STT-31EFI-SS, STT52V, STT61V and many others.

Item #14898

Right-hand Deck Idler Spring replaces Scag 483247. Fits Cheetah 48", Cheetah 52", Tiger Cub 48", 52", Wild Cat 48", Wild Cat 52".

Item #15308

Pump Belt Tensioner Spring replaces Scag 483087. Fits Freedom Z models SFZ36, 48, 52 and 61, SMTC-48V, SMTC-52A, SMWC-52A and SMWC-52V, SMWC-61A, SMWC-61V, SPZ52 and 61 Patriot, STC-48A and STC-48V.

Item #15011

Deck Belt Tensioner Spring replaces 483704. Fits Turf Tiger 52", 61" and 72" cut. Also fits Tiger Cat 61" and 72" cut.

Item #15100

PTO Spring replaces Scag 482667. Fits models STT61V-27KA Turf Tiger, STT61V29CH EFI Tiger Cat, SMT-72A Turf Tiger, SMT52A Turf Tiger and many more. Refer to your parts manual for correct application.

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