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Sharpening Chain Saw Chain


Chain Sizes: File Sizes:
1/4 = 5/32 file, 3/8 LP = 5/32 file, .325 = 3/16 file, 3/8 Standard = 7/32 file
**Sharpening of Chain saw chain has a few basic instructions in order to be successful**

  • Choose the correct size file for the chain
  • Place the file inside the cutter tooth as pictured (fig. a).The top of the file should arch above the cutter tooth when positioned correctly.
  • Only file in one direction starting from the inside of the cutter tooth pushing the file outward in one motion. (fig. b)
  • File at the correct angle, this angle will usually be about 30 degrees. The top plate of the cutter tooth as shown in (fig. c) will give you the correct angle.
  • Be sure to file the chain from a 90 degree angle from the bar.Do not file the cutter downward or upward only straight through in the same direction of the cutter tooth. (fig. d)
  • Use a flat file to file any imperfections off the cutter tooth depth gauge. Shown in the picture on the left (fig. e) the depth gauge is at the front of the cutter controlling the depth of the cutter tooth.
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