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Parts and Function of Chain Saw Chain

Chain saw chain has four basic parts that are
common and consistent throughout the chain
saw world. In the picture on the left (fig. a) you
see these four basic parts. The Cutter, Drive
Link, Tie Strap and Rivet make up a chain saw
chain. These function are listed below.

  • Drive Link: This is the portion of the chain that is turned by the chain saw sprocket and allows the chain to move and be guided by the groove in the bar.
  • Tie Strap: The tie strap is actually made up of two components the
    plain strap and preset strap. These straps along with the rivets are
    what connect the cutter and drive links together.
  • Rivet: This is simply the round pin like item that holds
    everything together and is built into the preset strap.
  • Cutter: This is the portion of the chain that is raised above
    the rest of the chain. There are several different styles of
    cutters. They all have the same fundamental designs as
    listed in the picture (fig. b)
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