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Excelsior Wattle Log 9 in x 25 ft

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Excelsior Wattle 9x25

GGS Excel Sediment Control Log is composed of a 100% machine produced High Altitude Rocky Mountain Aspen Excelsior confined by a synthetic net to form a log of a specific diameter. The excelsior matrix consists of curled, machine produced fibers with greater than eighty percent longer than six inches. GGS Excel Logs are designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment laden flow in channels and on slopes. The logs are flexible to conform to the soil surface and are secured by staking.

 Diameter Per 10 Ft Length
9 inch

25.0 lbs
2.5 lbs/ft
5.8 lbs. cu ft

12 inch
(also available, special order)

30.0 lbs
3.0 lbs/ft
4.0 lbs/cu ft

20 inch
(also available, special order)
50.0 lbs
5.0 lbs/ft
2.4 lbs/cu ft


Composition and Netting  
Fiber Composition High Altitude Machine Curled Aspen Excelsior
Fiber Dimension 80% Greater than 6 in.
Netting 0.50” X 0.50” Heavy Duty Synthetic
Configuration Cylindrical with Hog Ringed or Tied Ends


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