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American Granby Wire Heat Shrink Kit with Butt Connectors

Fits Wire Size #14, #12, #10


2 Heat Shrink Tubes
3 Butt Connectors

Heat Shrink Splicing Kit Features:
• Excellent dielectric strength and can be shrunk over a large diameter
connector and still effectively seals watertight down to a small diameter cable.
• Available in two, three and four wire kits. Designed to fit the new, smaller O.D.
pump leads.
• No grease tape or epoxy is needed.
• Highly resistant to moisture, fungus and weathering.
• Supplied w/ EC1410 wire connectors for #14-#10 gauge wire. (EC6/8 for LHS Series.)
• Private labeling available for minimum orders of 200 kits.
• Bulk tubing available.
• Third party certified to NSF/ANSI 372.
Wire Connector Features:
• Provides quick, safe and sure electrical connection.
• Seamless.
• 13/16” in length.