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KING 24K Irrigation Tester & Probe Combo Kit

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This tester is perfect for troubleshooting most irrigation control systems. The King ITK uses three modes to diagnose common system conditions: Chatter mode for locating lost valves, testing and activating solenoids, and a tone delivery mode to identify wires. The King ITK probe features an adjustable sensitivity dial and built-in flashlight to assist wire tracing in dark environments.

  • Troubleshoot most irrigation control system
  • Battery powered solenoid valve driver
  • Compatible with all 24 volt AC solenoids
  • Generates powerful tracing tones for identifying wires
  • “Chatter” mode steadily cycles valves to make them easier to find
  • Carrying case included
  • Identifies wires with tone probe
  • Tests solenoids for continuity
  • Insulation piercing clips; no stripping required
  • Kit requires (3) three 9V batteries (not included)


KING 24 & 24K Specification Sheet

KING 24 & 24K Owner's Manual