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NDS 6" Pop-up Emitter with Spee-D Basin allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and poor drainage areas. The special patented design allows the Emitter to open with a negligible amount of pressure. This product has the ability to connect to 3" and 4" sewer, drain, triple wall, corrugated, and SCH. 40 pipe

More Information
Part Number 625
Height 2-1/8"
Inner Diameter 6-1/2"
Weight 3
  • UV inhibitors
  • Material: High Density Polypropylene (HDPE)
  • Basin: 6" NDS Spee-D Basin (SKU#101)
  • Fits 4" Schedule 40 pipe and 3" and 4" sewer and drain pipe, corrugated pipe, or triple-wall pipe
  • ADA Compliant
  • Opening Pressure: 1 PSI
  • Class A Load Rated (1-60 PSI)
  • Open Surface Area: 28.8 Sq. Inches Flow Rate
  • Product Class: 10ND

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Installation Instructions

NDS Pop-Up Emitter at Corrugated Pipe Installation Detail
NDS Pop-Up Emitter at Hard Pipe Installation Detail
NDS Pop-Up Emitter at Spee-D Basin Installation Detail