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70/30 Fescue/Ryegrass Blend Mix

Contractor's Mix is an all-purpose mix for sunny and shady areas. 50 lb bag of sun and shade grass seed from the contractor’s mix series specifically selected that will  promote better plant growth and creates a lush, dark green turf grass

  • Grows best in sunny and partly shaded conditions in most regions of the united states
  • Medium foot traffic and drought tolerance provide a durable, economical lawn
  • Medium insect and disease resistance minimize turf loss for thicker, greener grass
  • Cool-season grass should be planted in early spring or fall in temperatures of 61-70°F
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. max overseeding coverage area, 5,000 Sq. Ft. max New seeding coverage area
  • 6-10 day germination period and clumping growth pattern create a fuller, healthier lawn in no time
  • Medium to fine-textured grass is comfortable to walk across barefoot
  • Perfect for overseeding, starting New lawns and erosion control, so you can create a fresh, thriving yard

70% Tall Fescue
30% Gulf Annual Ryegrass
50 lb. Bag