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NuMex Sahara Turf Type Bermudagrass Penkoted Grass Seed Unhulled 50 lb.

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Certified Numex Sahara Turf-Type Bermudagrass is a very drought tolerant bermuda grass seed that is bred to grow greener and finer than common bermudagrasses. It offers excellent tolerance to foot traffic and is a great choice for a warm season, sunny lawn.

  • Grass seed grows best in sunny areas
  • Excellent heat, drought, disease and insect resistance
  • Produces a dense, dark green, fine-bladed,self-repairing turf
  • 99.9% weed free
  • Unhulled & Penkoted Turf Type
  • 50 lb Bag

• Improved Overall Turf Performance
• Increased durability and wear tolerance
• Reduced plant height
• Increased Density
• Low in Thatch
• Lower mowing heights with less scalping
• Medium-fine texture with dark green color

• Superior in drought tolerance to common & other Bermudagrass varieties
• Improved summer green color & more uniform

Recommended for:
• Golf Courses (Fairways & Roughs)
• Home Lawns
• Athletic Fields
• Park Settings
• Playgrounds
• Erosion control
• Cemeteries

Use Instructions: FERTILIZATION: Apply a starter fertilizer at planting. Lime soil to a pH of 6.0 – 6.5 and follow soil test recommendations for P & K.METHOD: Plant when soil moisture is adequate. For summer plantings, do not plant when ambient temperatures are expected to be above the middle 90’s.

BROADCAST: CLEAN-TILLED GROUND Prepare the ground well in advance. This allows the first flush of crabgrass and other weed competition to germinate and be killed by an application of a non-residual and non-selective herbicide like glyphosate before planting Sahara II. Clean-till the area with a disk, then level and smooth the area. Use a culti-packer to prepare a firm seedbed before planting. Several passes may be necessary to achieve proper firmness. Broadcast the seed and cultipack once more to get good seed to soil contact. Bermudagrass seed will not germinate in a fluffy, loose seedbed.

FOR NO-TILL DRILL: Take added precaution to ensure seed are not dropping too deep; 1/8 or less is ideal. One method to prevent deep planting is to pull the drill’s drop tubes out of the openers and let the seed fall behind the opener to be pressed into the loosened soil by the press wheel. Ensure that existing residue is not too thick for seedlings to emerge and that the seed is making good soil contact beneath the residue.

TO THICKEN EXISTING STANDS: If seed are to be broadcast, loosen the soil surface in the bare areas prior to seeding by scratching with a finger drag or by light disking. After seed are broadcasted, use a culti-packer or similar roller device to press the seed into the soil and to firm the ground. If using a no-till drill, see instructions for No-Till Drill.