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TreeMate Select 20 gallon Watering Bag

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TreeMate Select Tree Watering Bag

Take the stress out of planting new trees with our TreeMate Select 20 gallon tree watering bag. This bag is designed to ensure that your new trees will survive their crucial first year after being planted. It eliminates the severe water stress new trees endure after transplanting by delivering a high volume of water directly to their root system.

TreeMate Select watering bags are designed to provide a drip irrigation system directly to tree roots over an extended period of time. The bag prevents water run-off and evaporation and provides deep saturation. It reduces the possibility of frost damage during the Spring and Fall, when new trees are most likely planted because its constant supply of moisture deflects the damage of rapid temperature changes. The bag is great for soaking before digging, for providing continuous water during summer droughts, and reduces transplant shock.

Other Benefits Include:

Easy fill opening
UV Stabilized to endure extended exposure to sunlight
Safe to use with nutrient or chemical additives
Commercial quality and residential friendly
30”x18” when filled at base
Single bag fits trees up to 4” caliper and holds 20 gallons of water
Attach 2 bags for trees 4”-8” caliper and holds 40 gallons of water
Bag is empty in 6-8 hours
Made of heavy duty green polyethylene with nylon webbing, poly straps, and black nylon zippers
Micro-perforated release points along the bottom seams

  • WATER CAPACITY: 20 Gallons Maximum
  • DRAIN RATE: 5 to 8 Hours
  • TREE SIZE: Single bag- 1-3 inches, Double bag – 3 to 5 inches
  • DIMENSIONS: 31” x 34”


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